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 IPLAN Data System 
IPLAN Data System
IPLAN Data System

The IPLAN Data System provides access to essential public health data for assessment and planning purposes. The available data are collected from many different sources. Data are generally provided at the county level and, in some cases, at the community level. The system further identifies associated populations by age, race, ethnicity and gender for selected indicators.

County-level Report
Choose one or multiple counties, one or more data years for one indicator
County Summary Report
Displays county-level report for all indicators for one county and one data year
Community-level Report
Choose one or multiple communities, one or more data years for one indicator
Community Summary Report
Displays community-level report for all indicators for one community and one data year
Indicator Details
View the indicator description, profile and the data years available
Changes from ICD-9 to ICD-10
An overview of how causes of death are tabulated
About the Data System
Description of the IPLAN Data System